ThermoChem Recovery International, Inc. (TRI) develops and sells steam reforming gasification systems that provide the foundation for state-of-the-art integrated biorefinery facilities. We are deeply committed to developing sustainable, economic biomass alternatives to fossil fuel power generation and products. We actively collaborate with associations, academia, government agencies, and our enterprise partners in R&D to develop innovative, reliable biorefinery solutions.

TRI’s Integrated steam reforming gasification technology reduces our dependence on fossil fuels while solving environmental problems.


Our team innovates and integrates clean technologies which are socially responsible, create efficiencies, and reduce waste.


TRI’s management leaders and directors are committed to running a profitable enterprise that designs, manufactures, and sells reliable, advanced steam reforming-based syngas generation systems that are the foundation of the thermochemical biorefinery.

We custom design integrated biorefinery solutions that are built cost effectively and operate at high efficiency. We are dedicated to providing a complete range of technology solutions that enable customers to profitably:

  • Reduce dependence on fossil fuels

  • Convert a wide range of biomass to green syngas

  • Generate green power and steam efficiently

  • Manufacture biofuels and biochemicals

  • Qualify for the most demanding sustainability standards in any jurisdiction

  • Operate an environmentally superior operating facility

Our Clients Benefit From…

Lower investment risk

Our commercial-scaled systems provide our customers with unrivaled “product optionality” that increases the ability of the enterprise to adapt to changing feedstock supply, economic, and market conditions.

Adaptability to multiple feedstock choices

This system can utilize a wide variety of local, low-cost waste streams and feedstock blends for input

Customized solutions to match evolving circumstances

Our partners participate in R&D of state-of-the-art process and best practices development

Standards compliance

Our system performs to standards far cleaner than regulatory compliance requires.

Savings of time and money

Customers enjoy a significant economic and time-to-market advantage

As our current customers and deployments demonstrate, we have the expertise and experience to work with clients and partners to identify, evaluate and implement the optimum configuration for your specific location and biomass conversion requirements.