Technology Integration & Engineering

TRI’s experienced team works with clients and partners to identify, evaluate and implement the optimum configuration for their specific site location, feedstock characteristics and finished products. We can build in the future flexibility to adjust to new lower costing feedstocks or to change the production from one specific product (i.e. fuels) to another (i.e. chemicals and/or power) when market conditions change thereby extending the life of the capital asset.

TRI understands the power of integrating separate subsystems into a single system to maximize efficiencies and drive down capital and operating expense.



TRI can build in the flexibility for the owner/operator to react to changing market conditions for feedstock and/or finished products with minimum capital required, thereby extending the economic life of the IBR asset

TRI’s seasoned engineers can bring to bear many decades of experience in optimizing the facility for minimum capital and operating expense.

TRI has the in-house engineering tools to help an owner/operator determine the optimum facility for their short and long term needs.

TRI’s capabilities include detailed process modeling, bench and pilot scale testing, chemical/thermal process engineering, project management and financial modeling along with a long list of successful integration concept developments.


TRI’s engineers developed the first ever fully integrated biomass gasification and Fischer-Tropsch fuels production technology that built on the inherent strengths of each sub system to increase efficiencies, eliminate equipment scope and set the standard for IBR’s. (multiple US and foreign projects for multiple biomass based feedstocks).

TRI’s engineers similarly integrated gasification and power production for optimal results. (Latin America project).