ThermoChem Recovery International (TRI) is a US-based company with advanced technologies for the efficient conversion of biomass and other wastes to syngas for the production of renewable fuels, chemicals and/or green power.

TRI imagines – and is currently working toward – a near-term global future marked by the successful replacement of fossil fuels with clean, abundant and renewable alternatives, processed through a global network of biorefineries.

For more on the company and the technologies, please visit our web site

We are growing and have opened  two new positions at our Corporate Office in Baltimore, MD:

Both are mid-to-senior level career opportunities for engineers with 7 to 15 years of relevant industrial experience. The position may be upgraded to a senior level depending on the candidate’s experience, education level and expertise. The selected candidate will be joining a highly talented team at TRI and contribute to technology development and participate in challenging and rewarding projects.  Salary is dependent on experience.

Please send a summary of your interest and your resume to Anita Chapman at