Advanced Development Center (ADC)

The Advanced Development Center (ADC), a busy growth-place of expanding TRI technological developments, features several research facilities including:

1Near Duke University in Durham, NC, the ADC is populated with a team of engineers, technical specialists, and managers who work together to demonstrate the practicality of steam-reforming gasification on scales of ever-increasing magnitude. The strength of TRI lies in its dual in-house expertise and willingness to connect with the scientific community including DOE’s national labs, University of Utah, Southern Research Institute, and other academic institutions.

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Process Demonstration Unit

2The most prominent of ADC facilities is the largest fully-integrated, feedstock-to-fuel process demonstration unit (PDU) biorefinery on the east coast (possibly worldwide). This facility is capable of transforming a variety of raw waste materials into drop-in transportation fuels and valuable consumer chemical products entirely on the premises. Every process required in a commercial biorefinery is replicated here. This apparatus includes a collection of patented flagship technologies working in unison. However, not all of our greatest ideas are open to the public. Our clients also have the option of adding coveted pulse heater technology, giving them the most efficient reformer design in the industry. See how landfill waste, woody biomass, lignite coal, and more can be transformed into diesel fuel, synthetic paraffinic kerosene (SPK) jet fuel, paraffin waxes, ethanol, methanol, and more.

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Feedstock Test Reformer


The feedstock test reformer (FTR) system is developing an ever-growing database of optimal process conditions under which a variety of feedstock compositions can be converted to clean syngas. This allows TRI consumers unparalleled flexibility in feedstock choice and precision in process configuration and operation. With an array of advanced sensors and a team excelling in science and engineering, this small-scale version of the PDU allows lightning fast analysis of nearly any feedstock imaginable. Sponsor a test of your own unique feedstock blend with TRI, and let us do the rest.

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Cold Flow Modelling Apparatus

4Those who take short cuts often find themselves going in circles. At TRI, we know that superficial knowledge is no substitute for true expertise. Our clients benefit from years of our hard-won experience in classifier design, particle modelling, and fluid mechanic study that is evident in the fine-tuned nature of our optimized biorefinery design. Don’t settle for short-cuts. When you work with the TRI team, our expertise becomes yours.

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Rapid Prototyping Center

5The strength of TRI technology lies in our ability to customize every aspect of our streamlined design to each one of our consumers. Our rapid prototyping center comes complete with a team of technical experts who specialize in dynamic CAD modelling of custom components, 3D printing of prototypes, commercial sintering, welding, machining, circuit construction, controller programming, and more. When you work with TRI, rest assured that no detail is unimportant to us.

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Pulse Combustion Heater Test Unit

6The heart of any chemical process lies in the design of its reactors, and the TRI heart is rich with energy-optimized, industrial scale, patented heating equipment called pulse combustion heaters. Pulse combustor technology is the lasting fingerprint TRI has made on the industry, and these fingerprints are rapidly becoming more common around the world. TRI offers several generations of pulse combustion heater design, which accommodate an array of consumer preferences.

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