BioFuels Lecture Series

Biomass is all around us and understanding where it fits in our energy and chemicals paradigm is an important part of using it effectively and sustainable.

This channel will host a series of videos that serve as an introduction to bioenergy core concepts and technologies, technical background, and the economic, environmental and socio-cultural sustainability of bioenergy. These short videos have been designed to communicate the bioenergy basics needed for people from diverse backgrounds to understand what bioenergy is and where it fits in their region. The objective is to enable dialogue and learning so that bioenergy discussions become more commonplace.

The production of these videos was done at Oregon State University with the support of Advanced Hardwood Biofuels Northwest (AHB), a USDA-funded consortium for biofuels development. Led by University of Washington and involving partners in research, industry, extension and education.

Note: To view other lectures within the series, use the video browser to the right of the videos.