Feeder System

Our feed systems provide the reliability, safety and throughput needed to operate a commercial gasification facility. To date, we have logged over 10,000 hours feeding household garbage, waste wood and energy crops into our PDU gasifier. Currently most gasification projects struggle with reliably and safely feeding biomass into gasification systems. TRI’s principal of operation involves the densification of feedstock into several plugs via hydraulic pistons. The plugs provide a safe and reliable seal to the pressurized process. The system throughput is scalable and can support gasifiers ranging from 500 tons per day to 2,000 tons per day using multiple feeders.

Safe and reliable with throughput between 4 to 100 tons per day per feeder.


Proven – The PDU feeder has logged over 10,000 hours of operation and demonstrated safe and reliable feeding into a fluidized bed gasifier. The unit has operated on a variety of feedstock’s including household garbage, waste wood and energy crops. The superb operation of the feeder system supported completion of numerous technology demonstration trials.

Safe – Through 10,000 hours of operation at our PDU gasifier, no gas leaks have occurred through the feed system. Additionally, the system is designed to always have one piston in the forward position; this prevents the blow back of syngas in the unlikely event of plug degradation.

Scalable – The feeder system can be sized according to the needs of the client. Single plug feeder throughput ranges between 4 to 100 tons per day. If more throughput is needed additional piston plug feeders can be added to increase system capacity. The PDU feeder system includes one piston plug feeder with a throughput of 4 tons per day. The commercial size feeder system includes multiple piston plug feeders to accommodate design throughput and includes built in redundancy.

Model Types

  • Commercial Feed System – Using multiple piston feeders with designed in redundancy, the feed system can achieve any client required throughput .
  • Demonstration Feed System – We can supply feed systems for your pilot facility. Please contact us for more details.