Richard D. Grant

Mr. Grant is retired from JPMORGAN/CHASE where he spent over two decades in the Oil & Gas group and the Project Finance Group. He negotiated and underwrote limited recourse project financings in the U.S., Latin America and spent several years in the UK where he was responsible for power and infrastructure project financings for the area running from Scandinavia to Cape Town and from Gibraltar to Calcutta.

In the US, Grant was instrumental in developing a program at Chase for providing capital for start-up companies trying to commercialize new environmental remediation technologies. Mr. Grant is the author of a number of published articles on project finance in the emerging world and has been a popular speaker at conferences around the world dealing with project implementation challenges. He has designed and led instructional programs for bankers, government officials and executives on private sector project financings in the U.S., Latin America, India, Eastern Europe, Turkey and Africa. Upon retirement from JPMORGAN/CHASE, Grant formed Sextant Capital Strategies, a consulting firm that advises clients on structuring projects to comply with the requirements of equity investors and lending institutions, including both private sector and multi-lateral development institutions.

Mr. Grant continues to design and deliver commercial seminars on limited recourse financing challenges. He works with an NGO dealing with education programs in Bangladesh, is a director of the Connecticut Food Bank and a financing subsidiary of the American Red Cross. He serves on several private sector boards and was a Visiting Fellow of Silliman and Berkeley Colleges at Yale College, teaching a residential college seminar on third-world finance challenges. Mr. Grant is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, a Viet Nam veteran and holds a B.A. from the University of North Carolina and an MBA from the Fuqua School at Duke University.