Our team innovates and integrates clean technologies which are
socially responsible, create efficiencies, and reduce waste.

Integrated Biorefineries

Integrated biorefineries are facilities that convert renewable biomass into any combination of fossil free fuels, power, and chemicals. They are analogous to today’s petroleum refineries which produce multiple fuels and products from fossil petroleum.

Biomass Feeders

Proven reliability and safety with over 10,000 hours feeding household garbage, waste wood and energy crops into our PDU integrated biorefinery.

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Technology Integration & Engineering

Experienced techno-economic team to help clients and partners identify, evaluate and implement the optimum configuration for your specific feedstock supplies and finished products.

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TRI’s advanced steam reforming technology transforms everyday garbage into drop-in transportation fuels. Using garbage, waste wood or energy crops, we can create gasoline, jet fuels, chemicals, and other renewable energy.

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Syngas CleanUp

The hot syngas from the steam reformer is cleaned using a proprietary configuration of proven technologies which TRI has trademarked as KASyn™. Once cleaned of particular matter and contaminants, the syngas can then be used to create gasoline, jet fuels, chemicals, and other renewable energy products.

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Pyrolysis is a thermal conversion process that uses heat to break carbon-containing materials into liquids, solids, and some gases. These are known as pyrolysis products and they represent the basic chemical constituents of the starting material. Pyrolysis is a very promising way to generate liquids from biomass and waste that can be later refined into useful chemicals.

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High Efficiency Heat Transfer

Pulsed combustion technology provides high efficiency heat transfer, resulting in a reduction in the size and cost of heat exchangers and gasification vessels.

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Fully Integrated Process Demonstration Unit (PDU)

Processing 4 dry tons per day of biomass, our PDU transforms a wide range of biomass to Fischer-Tropsch liquids (fuels) replicating every unit operation of a fully integrated commercial biorefinery.  To date, we have logged over 10,000 hours converting waste feedstock into syngas, and over 4,500 hours converting syngas into renewable biofuels.

Financial Modeling

Sophisticated financial model that incorporates Monte Carlo simulation to build an expected return-on-investment curve while independently varying 10-20 process and financial variables.

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